Ismael, how do you feel about being part of MB?

What is your position at Mamadou & Bineta and why do you like working for MB?
Mamadou & Bineta’s goals and values in the field of child protection have led me to work here. In this way, I can contribute in a very concrete way to the development of our country. Already as a teenager, I loved driving trucks. As a logistician and the responsible person for the vehicles of MB, I can now combine my passion for this profession with my love for children and at the same time help those who are in need.

How do you feel about being part of Mamadou & Bineta?
The Mamadou & Bineta team is very supportive and friendly, for me the team here is like a family. I wish all of them all the best, that they continue to work for our country and stand by the side of those most in need.

What do you wish for the children who come to Mamadou & Bineta?
Above all, I wish to spend much more time with the children, to see them grow up in safety. To see how they are allowed to go to school, to educate themselves. So that later they too can help their relatives and others in need, and ultimately serve our beautiful country Guinea.

What is your favorite dish?
I really like “feuilles de patates”, but unfortunately, I don’t know how to prepare them.

What do you like to do outside of Mamadou & Bineta?
I play soccer and I am passionate about listening music. At the moment I’m saving money to buy a good speaker.