Manamba, what is your focus?

Manamba Kourouma, nursery-teacher at the Mamadou & Bineta reception centre
Since my childhood I have had a passion for children. They show us a whole different, wonderful world. I love my job as a nursery-teacher. It remains my golden profession because it allows me to accompany the children I care for in every important step they take. I am a nursery who loves to let the children discover new things while encouraging them to develop and become independent. We help them to acquire good social skills, to have a positive attitude, to respect and love others and to care for others. When I see how the children develop in their learning and behaviour, I can humbly say that I feel I am contributing to the community. We take on the role of teachers, provides young children with everything they need to enhance their physical, mental and emotional development. We provide a warm, clean and safe environment for the children. The safety of the children and the peace of mind of their families are my reward, and it motivates me to keep improving. This quote is my favourite: “Do a job you enjoy and you will never have to work again”.