Month of the Child

June 19, 2021. This year, we again used the official Month of the Child as an opportunity to invite guests from politics and business, representatives of the authorities as well as influential locals to a festive event at our reception center and to promote the importance of child protection and our work.

We prepared the event together with the children of our partner organization of the Tyabala Theater. The children sang, recited poetry, performed a play and showed what they have learned in their weekly Thai boxing training. Some rescued and incorporated children told on stage how they managed their life in the reception center and how they are doing today. Kémoko Touré gave a speech, also some of the guests took the microphone and spoke in support of Mamadou & Bineta or our work. Radio and television were present and carried the celebration and our message to the public.

Our new team member Lislam Sylla led through the festivities. With humor and verve he animated the guests and structured the whole event. Lislam works together with Kerfalla Camara in the field. He grew up in a children’s home himself, knows the problems of the children, shows heart and soul in his work and also steps in when a teacher is absent.