Partnership with the Thai Box Federation Guinea

May 30, 2021. The collaboration came about because Nina continued her training she started in Switzerland. She found out that Souleymane Sidibé was constantly training 15 young men in upholstery as well as sports. In the meantime, several promising projects have resulted from the friendship: Once a week, Sidibé and his colleagues train interested children at our reception center free of charge, and they help us with safety issues. Nina, in turn, takes care of the association’s website and administrative matters.

Sidibé is a gendarme and works as a garde de corps. Every morning and evening the young people, he and his colleagues look after, alternate between the sports hall and the upholstery workshop. Those who cannot go home spend the night in the studio. Sidibé finances training and food out of his own pocket. He has already taken many boys off the street and given them a future. Sidibé’s dream is to buy more sports equipment to get even more young people out of crime and off the streets. We will see how we can support this.