Open day at the reception center


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With many children and guests we celebrated an open day in Mangueta on August 25, 2017.

Invited were the local child protection officers, representatives of the authorities, our partner organizations and other people who support the work of Mamadou & Bineta on site.

In addition to a tour of the infrastructure (including the newly opened sewing workshop), the children from the reception center together with the street children from our partner organization Tyabala Theater and the orphans from the home in Dubréka offered the guests music, theater and dance.

Just as beautiful as this day was the preparation time for the children: numerous children from Tyabala and Dubréka were our guests and spent a week preparing for this day together with the children in the reception center.

We like to organize such events from time to time. They not only make the children happy but also help to sensitize the population for the protection of these children and the work of Mamadou & Bineta.